Our Team combines the talents of painters and panel repairers to keep any repair, modification or restoration within reach. If you have an idea (or a wish), why not talk to one of our team members about making your dreams come true, or just about getting your wheels back on the road after life’s little accidents.

Why not start with Gerry! With a lifetime of experience in the industry, Gerry’s friendly and down-to-earth style makes him the ideal owner/manager at the fully-equipped workshop.

Totally Classic Restoration leads by example: a vehicle repair and restoration workshop handling standard production cars and bikes as comfortably as your most treasured limited-edition showpiece. Whether a simple repair, a custom paint job, or a complete restoration, our friendly staff can help.

With more than 70 years combined experience customising vehicles and specialist paint work, the Totally Classic team will provide the edge you have been looking for. We work with Cars, Bikes and just about anything.


We endeavour to manufacture or supply quality parts and accessories for every facet of the repair or restoration..

Seasoned team

Qualified and experienced personnel for each and every job including Fabricators, Panel Beaters, Spray Painters and Mechanics.

Customer-oriented service

We value the service we provide and our loyal returning customers will always be appreciated.

Affordable prices

From Minor repairs to showroom quality work, we aim to make your job affordable.


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