Totally Classic Restoration offer one on one consultation with the client where we can answer all questions and eliminate any concerns. We provide our personal mobile numbers for that extra sense of security.
Totally Classic offers the standard waiting area with coffee and tea provided, but we go above and beyond with pick up and drop off services provided.

We also offer free tow truck collection of all classic vehicles where the quoted job is over $5000.

We understands that the relationship with the customer is equally as important as the quality of work provided.

Mission Statement

Our Team combines the talents of painters and panel repairers to keep any repair, modification or restoration within reach. If you have an idea (or a wish), why not talk to one of our team members about making your dreams come true, or just about getting your wheels back on the road after life’s little accidents.

Gerry Coppleman

Gerry started work with a large panel beating organization as an 18 year old. He learnt the industry by starting at the bottom and working his way up to having the knowledge he has now.

In 1982 Gerry started his first panel beating shop repairing cars and trucks. Eventually he grew his business and built his first tow truck to expand his business.

He was a spray painter by trade, he hired full time panel beaters and his journey began.

Gerry’s passion was quality repaints and his reputation as a spray painter was highly regarded in the industry. As Gerry was taught more about the panel side of the business he started restoring older cars.

Gerry believes there is no better feeling than seeing an old tired car or truck brought back to its show room condition.

Wayne Elgar

Although Wayne started his working life in the retail building and hardware industry his passion and hobbies revolved around cars, motorbikes and speed boats, and the passion has never wavered. Working on his own vehicles and mates projects led him to a local Smash shop where he would work nights and weekends dismantling and assembling vehicles and running the Tow Truck operations after hours. This lead to an offer to take up an apprenticeship as a Panel Beater in the large Paint and Panel shop. After relocating to the Sunshine Coast in 2000 he worked in a couple of panel shops before taking on the management of Superior Body Works and later running North Coast Paint and Panel. He took a little break and bought two Cargroomer Franchise’s on the coast, and worked them until they out grew him and sold them. Wayne took a position at Classic Ridz in Caloundra and was back working with motor vehicles including the manufacture of new Hearse’s and a wide variety of old and vintage cars including Street Machines and race cars. This business was an offshoot for a Coach building company and he was able to take part in the fabrication of Coaches when required. As this business went through some rocky management times he was working part time on vehicles at Totally Custom Restoration which led to an offer to work there full time and eventually buy into the business and expand it. Here we are years down the track and we are still fortunate enough to be working on restoring customers old cars, bikes, peddle cars and other items such as fridges.

“The smiles and gratitude from our happy customers still outweigh the hours of blood sweat and tears that are associated with this type of work”.